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Bush Hog XLRR1226-1

Bush Hog XLRR1226-1 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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Bush Hog XLRR1226-1 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



  • The XLRR-I V-Rakes feature independent wheel suspension on each wheel for unmatched performance when operating in rough or rolling terrain
  • Each independently suspended wheel operates separately from the adjacent wheel, allowing maximum pickup of cut material even in unlevel ground
  • High ground clearance of the main frame allows operators to process large windrows in heavy crop conditions
  • The leading wheels on the 10-wheel and 12-wheel versions can be raised and locked out when there is a need to reduce the windrow volume in heavy crop conditions
  • XLRR-I models available in 8, 10 and 12-wheel configurations for both small and large scale operators
  • The XLRR-I Rake sections fold horizontally over the mainframe for a narrow transport width and good stability


Model XLRR1226-1
Number of Finger Wheels 12
Finger Wheel Diameter 55"
Tine Diameter 7mm
Minimum Transport Height 7" 9'
Transport Width 8" 5'
Minimum Windrow Width 3"
Maximum Windrow Width 6" 7'
Minimum Working Width 16" 4' 19 " 21 " 8 '
Maximum Working Width 18" 8' 21 " 7 ' 25 " 7 '
Tires 205-75/15
Weight 2,115 pounds
Minimum HP Required 50