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New Holland SP.260R

New Holland SP.260R for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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New Holland SP.260R for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.




The New Holland Guardian Sprayers are now offered with a new and improved cab. The new cab has a wide array of options to enable the operator to stay in the field longer, with superior comfort.
• New shape and styling
• Larger door – easier access
• Two rear windows improve visibility
• New cab mounting to improve support and ride
• Standard light package - 2 HID & 12 halogen for a total of 14 working lights
• Optional light package includes - 8 HID & 8 halogen for a total of 16 working lights
• New, all-glass headlights
• Larger, safer ladder
• Available in Deluxe or Luxury


Choose the tank that suits your needs – 1,000 or 1,200 gallon tanks in poly or stainless steel construction. Stainless steel tanks have integrated saddles. A deep sump design allows for complete draining and less product waste.

Select a manual or electric 100-gallon rinse system option to flush the solution tank. A convenient fill station area next to the ladder makes it easy to fill the rinse tank.


You can cover acres in a hurry with boom widths up to 120 feet. The high-strength, truss boom or mono boom system provides outstanding reliability for the toughest conditions. When product coverage is critical, the Guardian rear boom models can also be configured with the optional Spray-Air® boom systems.


The simple, reliable mechanical drive system used on Guardian Rear Boom Sprayers transfers more power to the ground for higher productivity, better fuel economy and lower operating costs.

Electronically controlled Cummins engines meet Tier 4B standards and provide high torque rise for added power when you need it.

Cummins QSB 6.7-liter engines power all three rear-boom models. These gutsy engines respond with extra power when needed, yet are the quietest in the industry for their horsepower range. Engines meet strict Tier 4B standards to keep air clean and reduce your farm’s carbon footprint.

All Guardian Rear Boom Sprayer models use the same stacked, one-pass cooling package. Instead of modules being layered front to back, they are positioned on top of each other so they all receive the same, cool air flow. The high-volume fan pulls air through the entire system in a single pass, allowing for more efficient flow of cooler air through all of the cores for maximum efficiency.

A crop clearance up to 48 inches allows you to perform. The structural steel front axle features massive 2.5 inch kingpins and bushings. A full 11 inches of suspension travel provides for a very smooth ride. The rear axle features a heavy-duty design with formed steel receiver tubes to handle harsh ground conditions. The active suspension system uses four air bags, gas shock absorbers, trailing arms and a large-diameter anti-sway torsion bar to keep the boom parallel to the ground. This system maintains a constant height and smooth ride.


Model SP.260R 
Make / Displacement Liter Cummins QSB / 6.7 / Tier 4b
Rated Power hp (kW) 260 (179)
Power Bulge hp (kW) 270 (201)
Fuel Tank Capacity gal (Liter) 130 (492)
DEF Tank Capacity gal (Liter) 15 (56.8)
Alternator Amp 160
Battery Disconnect Switch Yes
Forward Lighting (Standard) 4 high/low on grill, 10 Field working, 2 amber warning
Rear Lighting (Standard) 6-working, 2-backup, 2-red tail/brake, amber warning with red signal
Beacon 1 Amber Rotating
Drive Train  
Transmission / Type Automatic/ Allison/ RDS 2500
Torque Converter Standard
Speed range 5 speed automatic
Differential / Lock system JCB with 'on the go' hydraulic differential lock up
Service Brakes 2 heavy duty power external discs on rear axle w/ dual caliper for each disc
Parking Brakes Spring applied hydraulic release
Wheel Drive 2 WD
Angle Drive shaft w/ planetary hubs in (mm) Standard axle tech with 42 (1067) clearance
Drop Boxes in (mm) Optional with 48 (1219) clearance
Speed Range w/std. tires/angle drive mph (kph) 0 to 42 (67.6)
1st Range 8.9 (14.3)
2nd Range 16.4 (26.4)
3rd Range 21.6 (34.8)
4th Range 31.2 (50.2)
5th Range 42.1 (67.6)
6th Range -
Speed Range w/std. tires/drop box mph (kph) 0 to 39.5 (63.6)
1st Range 8.3 (13.4)
2nd Range 15.4 (24.8)
3rd Range 20.3 (32.7)
4th Range 29.3 (47.2)
5th Range 39.5 (63.6)
6th Range -
Aux Hydraulics  
System Capacity gpm (lpm) 30 (114) 2500 psi
Performance Pressure compensating. Max system pressure at idle. Closed loop flow.
Frame C-Channel bolted - 3x9x3/8 110,000 psi
Paint Epoxy primer/urethane top coat
Suspension Air bag with Sway control - adjustment on all 4 air bags
Front in (mm) >11 (279) travel
Rear in (mm) > 9 (229) travel
Angle Drive Tire Options IF320/90R50, 380/90R46, VF380/90R46, 520/85R38, 480/80R38, F:520/85R38 R:710/70R38
2WD Drop Box Tire Options - Front:(F:) & Rear (R:) IF320/90R50, 380/90R46, VF380/90R46, 480/80R38, 520/85R38, F: 520/85R38 R:710/R38, F: 480/80R38 R:30.5x32R3
4WD Drop Box Tire Options - Front:(F:) & Rear (R:) -
Dual Rear Tire options 520/85R38, 710/70R38, 380/90R46
Fenders Standard
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering / 2 Hydraulic Cylinders
Turning Radius ft (m) 15 (4.57)
Adjustable Axle Track Width in (mm) 120 (3048) to 150 (3810)
Fixed Axle Track width (optional) in (mm) 120 (3048) to 150 (3810)
Wheel Tread Adjustment from Cab Optional hydraulic adjust
Wheel Base in (mm) 150 (3810)
Crop Clearance with Standard Tires in (mm) 42 (1067) (angle), or 48 (1219)(drop)
Overall Chassis Length ft (m) 27 (8.23) (boom unfolded)
Overall Width with Truss boom in (mm) 171 (4343)
Overall Width with Mono boom in (mm) 146 (3708)
Height in (mm) 155 (3937)
Dry Weight lbs (kg) 28,500 (12927)
Liquid System  
Polyethylene Tank gal (Liter) 1000 (3785) or 1200 (4543)
Stainless Steel Tank gal (Liter) 1000 (3785)
Tank Agitation Poly - Twinjet nozzles
Tank Agitation SS - sparge tube
Rinse Tank Capacity gal (Liter) 100 (379)
Clean water/Hand wash gal (Liter) 3 (11.35)
Rinse System Manual or electric
Chemical Eductor Optional 3.6 gal. SS w/ rinse system
Fast Fill in (mm) 2 (50.8); 3 (76.2) optional
Solution Pump  
Make / Model ACE 150F-206 Series
Gpm (lpm) @ psi (bar) 100 @ 80 (378 @ 6.07)
Rate Control System  
Make and Model Standard Intelliview™ IV, Viper Pro™, Envizio Pro XL, Viper® 4
GPS Optional (Intellisteer Kit)
Boom Height Control Optional Raven Ultraglide/Ultrasonic or PowerGlide/Touch wheel system
Mono Boom Type Structural Steel Construction
Truss Boom Type Tubular Truss Construction
Width Options ft (m) 90/60 (27/18), 100/60 (30/18)
Sections 5 or 10 section
Height Adjustment in (mm) 20 (508) - 80 (2032)
Breakaway On the secondary boom wing
Boom Pipes in (mm) 1 (25) stainless steel
Nozzle Bodies Center in (mm) 15 (381) or 20 (508)
Nozzle Bodies 3 way, 5 way, or 3+1
Flow Control RFM 60 / Optional RFM 100
Fence Line Spray Tip Optional
Pressure Strainer 50 or Optional 80 mesh y-strainer
Boom (In line Filters) Optional 50 or 100 mesh
Foam Marker (Optional)  
Capacity gal (Liter) Foam injection uses 100 gallon (379) rinse water, holds 3 gallons (11) of foam concentrate
Air Compressor Engine driven
Combo Liquid (SP.300C only)  
Polyethylene Tank gal (Liter) -
Stainless Steel Tank gal (Liter) -
Tank Agitation -
Flow Control -
Rinse Tank Capacity gal (Liter) -
Clean water/Hand wash gal (Liter) -
Rinse System -
Chemical Eductor -
Fast Fill in (mm) -
Liquid Skid Dry Weight lbs (kg) -
Pressure Strainer -
Boom (In line Filters) -
Combo Dry (SP.300C only)  
Chassis required -
Box Type -
Box Material -
Products -
Capacity Single Bin cu ft (ton) -
Optional MultApplier - large bin cu ft (ton) -
Optional MultApplier - small bin cu ft (ton) -
Conveyor system -
Spinner material -
Spinner disc diameter -
Number of Fins/Spinner -
Feed Rate height -
Rate Control System Options -
Dry Weight lbs (kg) -
Spread Pattern Width ft (m) -
Pan test kit -
Overall Dry Box Length in (mm) -
Overall Dry Box Width in (mm) -
Overall Dry box Height in (mm) -
Overall Dry box Loading Height in (mm) -