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New Holland SP310F

New Holland SP310F for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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New Holland SP310F for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



The ultra-quiet cab is designed expressly for the Guardian front boom sprayers offer operators maximum comfort, maximum view, control and convenience.

A larger field of view provides unmatched visibility of your spraying operation.

Boom width options up to 135 feet!
Choose from MonoBeam booms up to 120 feet, truss booms up to 135 feet, IntelliSpray-ready booms up to 135 feet, and our exclusive SPRAY-AIR® boom up to 120 feet wide.

Variable speed cooling fan runs only as fast as it needs to, saving horsepower and fuel while reducing noise around the sprayer

Highest ground clearance on the market – up to 78 inches to allow for late-season application. You can adjust under-body clearance on the go from the seat to adapt to changing needs. For truck transport, you can easily lower the overall height down to 153 inches (12.75 ft.) from the operator’s seat.

Engine and hydraulic service checkpoints are easy to access from the walkway by the engine compartment.

Even weight distribution provides an ideal balance, with near equal load on each tire, to maximize power to the ground while minimizing compaction.


Model SP310F 
Engine FPT® NEF 6 / 6.7 Liter Tier 4B
Rated Power 285 HP (212 kw)
Power Bulge 310 HP (231 kw)
Fuel Tank Capacity 150 gal
DEF Tank Capacity 24 gal
Transmission Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled single Danfoss 165 cc, H1 series heavy duty pump
Speed Range Full range with 4 user defined speed ranges
Crop Clearance 72 - 78 in. (Variable height)
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity 1200 / 1400/ 1600 gal
Rinse System Electric or Auto Rinse
Mono Boom Width (ft) 90/60, 100/60, 120/70
Truss Boom Width (ft) 120/73, 132/73, 135/73
Spray-Air Boom Width (ft) N/A
Nozzle Bodies 3 +1 Way Turret / 5 Way Turret / IntelliSpray
Shipping Height (cm) 153 in. (388.6)
Shipping Width (Mono) 163 in. (414)