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New Holland Durabine™ 416

New Holland Durabine™ 416 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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New Holland Durabine™ 416 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.




Take off hay quickly and easily with the speed and capacity of Durabine™ disc mower-conditioner headers. They provide reliability with reduced power consumption.


MowMax™ II cutterbars feature a true modular design for smooth, quiet, trouble-free mowing as well as fast and inexpensive servicing. Driven through individually sealed gearboxes with dedicated oil reservoirs, modules are never at risk for oil starvation while cutting on slopes. In the event that your mower hits an obstruction, the exclusive New Holland ShockPRO™ hubs absorb harmful impacts, protecting the internal cutterbar drive from damage. Even better, they’re quick to replace in the field so you can keep cutting when the weather is right. Replacement takes less than 10 minutes, at a minimal cost and without compromising the sealed module. Accidents happen, and in the event of a significant collision, the true modular MowMax concept design fully contains damage to the affected module to minimize damage to the rest of the cutterbar.


Do not put off changing dull or broken knives anymore; the MowMax II disc cutterbar is now equipped with the QuickMax™ system as standard equipment so you can replace worn or damaged knives in a flash so you’re back cutting clean again in just seconds. The unique QuickMax system allows for fast knife changes with a 180-degree rotation of the discs so you are back mowing quickly. The patented New Holland eccentric knife nut utilizes centrifugal force to provide exceptional blade security. Best of all the QuickMax knife system works with all Durabine™ disc header knives so there are no special knives to buy. See your local authorized New Holland dealer about the QuickMax system and ask about special upgrade kit available for prior model Durabine™ disc headers.


The MowMax II cutterbar provides the cleanest cut and rugged reliability, resulting in ultra-smooth crop flow. Durabine durability results from heavy cast rock guards and the self-contained disc modules. Gear cases are driven by pilot-supported hardened alloy drive shafts with lubricated drive splines for added durability. The large-diameter discs feature maximum strength and reliability with a rugged pinion gear drive. Upgraded full-coverage replaceable skid shoes provide added protection and allow the Durabine header to glide over a variety of terrain, including soft ground and new seedings where stubble damage is a concern. Choose the 10-disc Durabine 416 for a 16-foot, 1-inch cut or the 12-disc Durabine 419 for a huge, 19-foot, 4-inch cut. Both use pairs of counter-rotating discs for cleaner cutting and ultra-smooth crop flow.


Durabine heads provide a close, clean cut with less horsepower, which improves mowing efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The large-diameter cutting discs operate at a shallower angle that easily slices through down crop and reduces the risk of scalloping. The MowMax II cutterbar delivers a close cut—as short as 0.79 inch—as well as a wider range of cutting heights—up to 3.5 inches with standard skid shoes. Reversible, swing-away, 18-degree twist knives are standard. A broad, offering of knives includes standard 14-degree twist knives, 7-degree twist knives, special-design rock knives, and 14-degree twist, serrated knives. For extended knife wear in difficult conditions, the rock knife offers greater resistance bending, and are ideal when operating in extremely stony conditions. Special serrated knives are ideally suited for sandy soils or abrasive operating conditions, providing long life in these harsh working environments. All New Holland knives for Durabine™ disc heads are reversible for double the cutting life and work with the QuickMax system.


Durabine disc heads feature the exclusive, full-length crop-flow auger that quickly moves crop away from the cutterbar for cleaner cutting, increased capacity, optimum feeding, more uniform conditioning quality, and an evenly distributed windrow. The heavy-duty, 20-inch auger features thick 5/16-inch flighting with reinforcement gussets on the backside to handle the heaviest crops with ease.


Non-conditioned hay? No problem. Just remove the conditioning module and outfit the header with a closure kit, or exchange one system for another system for the flexibility to condition different crop types. Removing or exchanging the conditioning module takes just minutes so you can easily achieve ideal conditioning.

Available Options:
• Rubber chevron-design intermeshing rolls
• Steel Chevron Rolls
• High-Contact Urethane Rolls
• LeaningEdge™ Flail Tine Conditioning

The proven New Holland torsion-bar roll-pressure system applies near-constant pressure for consistent conditioning, no matter how thick the crop, without plugging.


Crop widths can range as wide as a 96-inch swath or as narrow as a 38-inch windrow—or any width in between. No tools are required to make width adjustments, and with the optional electric windrow shield adjustment feature, changes can be made without leaving the cab. New Holland makes adjusting roll pressure easy, too. A simple hand crank adjusts conditioning aggressiveness. Likewise, roll gap adjustment is simple and precise. One easy adjustment at each end of the upper roll completes the job in no time!


To make a cut-height adjustment, simply use the tilt switch on the CommandGrip™ multi-function handle. With a glance through the front windshield, you can quickly observe the head tilt angle indicator located on the header tilt cylinder on the Speedrower windrower. This quick check allows you to choose the best cutting angle for every field situation.


Crop slugs can be expelled without leaving the cab. At the touch of a button, the conditioning rolls, auger, and discs reverse to remove plugs in seconds.


A larger head motor and drive system enhancements allow for an increase in horsepower to the cutterbar of up to 15%.


Durabine™ 416  
Header drive  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 16' 1" (4.9)
Overall width ft. in. (m) 16' 4" (4956)
Approximate weight lbs. (kg) 4700 (2132)
Versions available: Single-knife drive, single swath, single reel -
Versions available: Single-knife drive, double swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, single swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, single swath, split reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, double swath, single reel -
Versions available: Double-knife drive, double swath, split reel -
Windrow/swath width in. (mm) 38 to 96 (965 to 2438)
Cutterbar type 10-disc modular disc cutterbar, 2500-rpm max disc speed
Knives 20 reversible, swing-away knives (2 per disc)
Knife speed 181-mph(291-kph) knife tip speed
Sickle stroke in. (mm) -
Flotation Hydraulic adjustment from windrower cab
Cutting angle and height, degrees, in (m) Standard hydraulic control, from 0 to -10 degrees / 0.7 to 3.5 (18 to 89) with standard skid shoes*
Header ground clearance - bottom of skid shoes in. (mm) 27 (686)*
Reel Choices (SF = steel fingers, PF = plastic fingers) -
Speed range rpm -
Drive -
Raptor Draper Belts  
Belt width and construction -
Belt/roller guide design -
Roller design -
Speed range ft. (m) -
Cleat design and height in. (mm) -
Chaff barrier seal design -
Belt angle degrees (@minimum cutterbar tilt) -
Type Floating
Maximum diameter in. (mm) 20 (508)
Flighting depth in. (mm) 7 (178)
Conditioner (Rolls)  
Type Chevron-design, intermeshing molded rubber, steel or high-contact rolls
Length in. (m) 102 (2.6)
Roll speed rpm 938
Roll pressure Torsion-bar roll pressure system adjusts with a single crank, rolls separate automatically "on the go" to allow thick material to pass
Roll gap Adjustable stop bolt
Conditioner (Flails)  
Length in. (m) 90 (2.3)
Speed rpm 1310
Hood position Adjusted with a single crank