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New Holland RF450 Utility

New Holland RF450 Utility for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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New Holland RF450 Utility for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



Budget price, excellent performance

RF440 Utility and RF450 Utility models produce 4x4 and 4x5 bales respectively.
• RF440 Utility – 4’x4’ bales, 2.0-m pickup, 1 floor roll, 34-slat chain
• RF450 Utility – 4’x5’ bales, 2.0-m pickup, 2 floor rolls, 41-slat chain

Simple pickup suspension

A single, easily adjustable spring is used to set the pickup suspension on RF400 Utility models.

Ribbed floor rolls

The floor rolls on RF Utility models are ribbed to help ensure material passed into the chamber by the stuffer fork is efficiently drawn into the baler.

More slats for a consistent bale

A key design feature of the RF Utility balers is the close spacing between each slat. The RF440 Utility model has 34 slats, and the RF450 Utility has 41. More slats ensure efficient compression of incoming material throughout the formation of the bale for consistent density.

Designed for small tractors

RF Utility balers were purposely developed for smaller, lower-specification tractors, with minimal power and hydraulic flow requirements. Only two hydraulic remotes are required--one for the pickup and one for the tailgate.

Hinged shielding

Vertical hinged shielding makes it easy to access maintenance points. The six main drive chains on RF 450 SuperFeed (Optional on RF Utility Models) have automatic lubrication with an easy-to-adjust tension system, so you spend more time baling, less time maintaining.


RF450 Utility  
Bale size  
Bale diameter in. (cm) 59 (150)
Bale width in. (cm) 47 (120)
Width (DIN) in. (m) 78.7 (2.0)
Number of tines / tine bars 92 / 4
Windguard Tine rake
Number of pickup tines per row 23
Protection Shearbolt
540-rpm PTO Standard
Suspension Standard
Pickup wheels Pneumatic
Type in. (mm) Stuffer
Number of augers 2
Bale formation  
Type strokes/min 48
Density system in. (mm) 28 (710)
Number of rollers 2 formation rolls & 41 bars
Wrap material: twine / net / twine & net Standard/Optional at exrtra cost /Optional at exrtra cost
Twine ball capacity 4
Control Auto-Wrap™ bale monitor
Spare roll capacity 1 active, 1 stored
Baler dimensions  
Length, includes bale ejector in. (mm) 152 (3860)
Height in. (mm) 92.5 (2350)
Adjustable Track width Min. / Max. in. (cm) 74.4 / 80.7 (189 / 205)
Weight * lbs (kg) 2,390 (1,084)
Tires 18L-16.1SL 10 PR
Minimum PTO power (hp) 50
Front access ladder Optional at extra cost
Bale kicker  
Bale kicker Optional at extra cost
Automatic lubrication  
Automatic lubrication Optional at extra cost