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New Holland FR480

New Holland FR480 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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New Holland FR480 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.




It’s a bold statement, but NEW FR Forage Cruisers more than live up to this title. Industry-leading HydroLoc™ technology ensures constant chop length regardless of crop type and variations in load. But, quality is nothing without throughput, and all FR models turn crop into feed at amazing rates.

The feedroll opening is 33.9 inches wide and up to 7 inches tall, giving an area of over 231 square inches to help swallow even the largest windrows efficiently. Standard anti-wrap filler sections on the top front feedroll help prevent wrapping in hay crops when backing out of the crop after a metal detection. Replaceable wear bars (optional on some configurations) on both upper and lower front feedrolls improve feeding and durability in tough harvesting conditions.

The Forage Cruisers’ proven HydroLoc system provides on-the-go adjustment of LOC (length of cut). The feedrolls are driven by a powerful hydrostatic system that automatically matches the feedroll speed to the cutterhead’s speed and knife configuration, providing a consistent chop length, even under varying loads and speeds. The selected LOC is displayed on the monitor and can be easily adjusted with a switch on the side console.

The heart of the FR is the largest cutterhead in the industry—not only wider but also larger in diameter than any competitor model. The high rotating mass helps prevent shock loads to the driveline and powers through crop slugs with no problems. The proven chevron knife design delivers the most uniform chop, and begins to converge the crop to pass through the rest of the crop channel. Choose the cutterhead configuration that best meets your chopping needs.

Number of knives
2 x 8
2 x 10
2 x 12
2 x 16
2 x 20

Length of cut range
6 – 33 mm
5 – 27 mm
4 – 22 mm
3 – 16 mm
2 – 13 mm

Sharp knives ensure clean, precise cutting for maximum capacity from less power and fuel. With New Holland patented Adjust-O-Matic™ technology, you can easily sharpen knives and adjust the shearbar from the comfort of the cab. The result: significantly extended knife life and reduced shearbar wear. The new fully enclosed sharpening system stays cleaner for reliable performance and less maintenance.

New RockAlert™ stone detector system senses sudden feedroll movement and stops the crop flow to protect the cutterhead. You can adjust sensitivity to fine-tune to your local rock conditions.

The state-of-the-art MetaLoc™ metal detection system features six detection zones which will bring the feedrolls to a dead halt within 300 milliseconds should metal be detected, to protect your FR and your customers’ cattle. The metal’s location will be pinpointed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor and the power reverser automatically flips open the pickup windguard and reverses the auger to positively eject the crop. The operator can even adjust the sensitivity of the system.

The widest, easiest to open spout in the industry just got better with full-length replaceable top and side liners, a new hardfaced flipper, stronger flipper cylinder, and improved spout base lubrication. Control of the spout is also easier than ever, with standard adjustable two-speed rotation and flipper actuation, three configurable memory positions, and versatile control of spout up and down.

An improved wear liner package adds new HD liner sections in the spout to greatly extend wear life in abrasive crop conditions.

The sleek black spout benefits from a full 210 degrees of rotation, which allows you to fill trucks both on the right and left sides of the harvester. The spout flipper is easy to see through the side windows – no need to duck your head. The spout is even more stable thanks to an additional support strut, which when coupled with stronger mounting points and additional braces, enables even more precise filling. The extra-long spout has a 21-foot elevation, which means you can use the highest trailers to reduce the number of trips for non-stop efficiency.


Model FR480 
Engine FPT Cursor 13*
Engine configuration and number of cylinders In-line 6
Displacement cu. in. (L) 787 (12.9)
Injection system Common Rail
Compliant with engine emissions regulations  
Compliant with engine emissions regulations Tier 4B
ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Standard
Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)] 320/435
Max. engine power @ 1700-1900 rpm - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 - [kW/hp(CV)] 350/476
Torque @ 2100rpm ISO 14396 - ECE R120 ft. lbs. (Nm) 1073 (1455)
Torque @ 1700rpm ISO 14396 - ECE R120 ft. lbs. (Nm) 1450 (1966)
Maximum Torque @ 1500 rpm ISO 14396 - ECE R120 ft. lbs. (Nm) 1477 (2003)
Torque rise (2100 to 1500 rpm) % 38
Torque rise (2100 to 1700 rpm) % 35
Approved biodiesel blend*** Standard
Power Cruise™ II system Standard
Fuel consumption measuring and read-out on IntelliView™ IV monitor Standard
Air compressor Optional
Fuel tank  
Diesel capacity gal. (L) 317 (1200)
AdBlue capacity gal. (L) 52 (200)
Feeding HydroLoc™ drive
Length of cut adjustment Infinite
Number of feed-rolls 4
Feed opening width in. (mm) 33.9 (860)
MetaLoc™ metal detection with position indication Standard
Dual Drive system (header hydrostatic drive) Optional
ActiveLOC™ active chop length control Optional
Cutterhead cylinder type V-shaped with 2 rows of knives
Cutterhead frame width in. (mm) 35.4 (900)
Cutterhead cylinder width in. (mm) 34.8 (884)
Cutterhead diameter (max / min) in. (mm) 27.9 / 27.2 (710 / 690)
Cutterhead speed at 2100 engine rpm rpm 1130
Cuts per minute (2x8 knives) c/min 9,060
Length of cut range (2x8 knives) in. (mm) 0.2 - 1.3 (6 - 33)
Cuts per minute (2x10 knives) c/min 11,320
Length of cut range (2x10 knives) in. (mm) 0.2 - 1 (5 - 26)
Cuts per minute (2x12 knives) c/min 13,600
Length of cut range (2x12 knives) in. (mm) 0.2 - 0.9 (4 - 22)
Adjust-O-Matic™ shearbar setting Standard
Automatic knife sharpening system in forward or reverse Standard
Variflow™ system  
Variflow™ system Shift between crops in under two minutes
Crop processor  
Roll Width in. (mm) 29.5 (750)
Roll diameter in. (mm) 9.8 (250)
Cab Controled Gap Standard
Standard CP Standard
Rolls Sawtooth, 99/126 teeth, 30% Differential
Economy CP Standard
Rolls Sawtooth, 99/99 teeth, 22% Differential
DuraCracker HDCP -
Rolls -
DuraShredder HDCP -
Rolls -
Blower rotor diameter in. (mm) 20.7 (525)
Blower rotor width in. (mm) 29.5 (750)
Blower speed at 2100 engine rpm rpm 2119
Spout maximum height in. (mm) 252 (6400)
Rotation angle degree 210
Spout extension (10-row corn header) in. (mm) 28.3 (720)
Spout extension (12-row corn header) in. (mm) 54 (1380)
Automatic spout functions (home and work positions) Standard
Spout side collision protection Standard
12 volt alternator standard Amps 240
Battery capacity CCA / Ah 2 x 800 / 107
Hydrostatic Standard
Gearbox 4-speed
Remote gearshifting Standard
Differential lock Standard
Mechanical powered rear wheels Optional
Maximum road speed @ 1400 rpm mph (kph) 25 (40)
Header control systems  
Pressure compensation mode Standard
Autofloat™ system Optional
Mechanical Lateral flotation Standard
Power Reverse hydraulic header reverser Standard
Hydraulic quick coupler (single location) Standard
Automatic header speed synchronisation to forward speed Standard
Cab glass area ft3 (m3)  
Cab glass area ft3 (m3) 240 (6.8)
Cab category level - EN 15695 1
LEO lighting pack Optional
Optimum cab noise level - ISO 5131 (dB(A)) 76
Deluxe cloth trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation Standard
Leather trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation Optional
Instructor's seat Standard
CommandGrip™ handle Standard
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position Standard
Reversing camera Optional
Automatic climate control Standard
Removable coolbox Optional
Automatic greasing system Standard
Rear bumper with integrated water proof storage boxes Standard
New Holland Precision Land Management systems - PLM® Connect Telematics  
New Holland Precision Land Management systems - PLM® Connect Telematics Optional
New Holland Precision Land Management systems - Guidance systems  
IntelliSteer® system Optional
Automatic row guidance system for corn headers Optional
IntelliFill™ system Optional
Precision farming  
Optional additive tank (with adjustable flow) capacity gal. (L) 100 (395)
Moisture measuring Optional
Yield measuring and moisture measuring Optional
Full Precision farming package including: Yield measuring and moisture measuring, DGPS yield mapping Optional
Full Precision farming package including: PLM desktop software and software support service Optional
Weight**** lbs. (kg)  
Weight**** lbs. (kg) 28,775 (13050)