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CR Relevation

With two world-record-holding combines – the CR10.90 in small grain and the CR8.90 in soybeans – New Holland’s superior harvest productivity is well established. For maximum power, choose the 700-horsepower, top-of-the-line CR10.90 with the Cursor 16 engine. The efficient power of FPT Industrial Cursor engines, combined with advanced harvesting technology IntelliCruise™ federate control, CR Revelation Series combines allow you to harvest around the clock.

Adjustable Dynamic Flow Control™ rotor vanes mean you can change their position on the go in response to changing crop conditions for up to a 20% increase in productivity and fuel savings with adjustable rotor vanes The deep-cut Dynamic Feed Roll™ (standard on the CR10.90 and optional on all other models), with integrated dynamic stone protection, regulates crop flow into the machine to facilitate smoother threshing and increased capacity. The CR Revelation keeps going as long as you do.