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Loftness 8-Ton Row Crop Fertilizer Spreader

Loftness 8-Ton Row Crop Fertilizer Spreader for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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Loftness 8-Ton Row Crop Fertilizer Spreader for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



Frame Clearance
A 44-inch frame clearance for in-season applications allows operators to spoon-feed nutrients as the crop needs them.

Spread Pattern
Dual stainless steel spinners deliver a total overlapping trapezoidal pattern of up to 90 feet with an optional hydraulic drive. The standard 540 rpm PTO spinner drive produces a 50-foot pattern, as does the optional 540/1,000 rpm PTO drive.

Adjustable Tread Width
The RC800 includes a variable tread width from 80 to 120 inches to accommodate virtually any row spacing.

Obstruction Free Interior
The hopper is smooth with minimal flat surfaces and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate fertilizer. This results in a much cleaner system that helps prevent corrosion.

Conveyor Drive
The RC800 comes standard with a hydraulic conveyor drive, making it variable rate ready.

Simple Bearing Design
One bearing part number for all driveline components on the machine greatly simplifies the maintenance and replacement process.

Split Sprocket
Allows for easy in-field replacement of worn sprockets without removal of the wheel.

Adjustable Hitch
The hitch has a moveable clevis to accommodate a wider range of drawbar heights, and allows for leveling of the spreader. The hitch is also integral to the frame, while the suspension pulls from the hitch lowering the amount of frame stress.

Integral Lights
Sealed and rubber isolated lights are tucked neatly inside the frame.


Model RC800
Spread Pattern (Dual) 50' (40' - 60' combined)
Hopper Capacity (Struck) 241 cu. ft.
Hopper Capacity (Heaped) 266 cu. ft.
Weight (Empty) 4,000 lbs
Max Gross Weight 20,000 lbs
Frame/Crop Clearance 44"
Overall Length 206"
Overall Width 95"-135"
Overall Height 119"
Hopper Length 120"
Hopper Width 92"
Hopper Height 54"
Tires (Standard) 380/90-R46
Axles/Suspension 6" x 6" - adjustable from 80" - 120"
Frame Material 6" x 3" x 10-gauge rectangular tubing
Hitch Material 1/4", hot-rolled sheet, channel-formed
Drawbar Bolt-in, adjustable position
Hopper Material 12-gauge, 409 stainless steel
Skid Material 12-gauge, 409 stainless steel
Gate Material 7-gauge, 409 stainless steel
Conveyor Chain Material 7" wide, 304 stainless steel with 1" x 1" mesh
Spinner Dish Material 19" diameter 7-gauge, 409 stainless steel

Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.