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Bush Hog 2814

Bush Hog 2814 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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Bush Hog 2814 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



Performance Features

  • Perma-level hitch allows the cutter to glide along ground contours
  • Wings are free to float 22° down and 45° up without engaging the hydraulic cylinder for longer cylinder life
  • Each cutting gearbox has the industry’s first massive 3-inch output shaft with deeper splines for maximum transmission of torque to the blade pan.
  • Heavy-duty CV drivelines transfer power from the tractor PTO to the Transfer Gearbox
  • Independent coil springs at each wheel take the brunt of rough field conditions instead of the axle
  • Bush Hog® branded blades rip through tough vegetation

Construction Features

  • Decks are smooth on top as well as the underside for easy cleanup and better flow of clippings
  • Deck rings come standard to provide additional deck support and to protect the deck from blade deflection
  • 7ga reinforced blade pans protect the cutter, blade bar, and gearbox output shaft from unexpected obstacles
  • Tough ¼” thick wing skids are formed at a 45° angle to protect the sidebands and reduce digging into the ground
  • Grease fittings and Spring steel bushings minimize wear at each axle pivot point
  • Six tire options from 21” Laminated to 29” Aircraft allow you customize the ride to your needs

Safety Features

  • Double row chains come standard to prevent thrown objects from exiting the cutter
  • Highway travel lights come standard for safer travel on roadsides and in-between fields

Product Features

  • The Patent Pending oil sight gauge takes the guess work out of checking the oil. In less than 10 seconds, all three cutting box oil levels can be checked and rechecked as often as you walk around the machine. Never climb onto the cutter again to check the gearbox oil levels.
  • Bush Hog’s E-Z lube drivelines are quick and easy to service. All grease fittings on the pto CV driveline and wing drivelines align for quick location of grease points. Since all grease fittings on all drivelines are in an up position on every 5th revolution, service times are reduced.
  • Heavy-duty blade pans and deck rings protect the cutter and gearbox output shaft from unexpected obstacles and blade deflection.


Models 2814
Cutting Width 14-feet
Cutting Height 2 to 14-inches
Hitch Perma-Level or Ball
Minimum Tractor PTO HP 90 HP
Side Band 1/4-Inch x 13 1/2 inches
Blades 1/2-inch x 4-inches Hi-Uplift
PTO Driveline ASAE Cat 6
Wing Drivelines ASAE Cat 5
Wing Flex 22° down / 87° up
Wing Free Float 22° down / 45° up
Splitter Gearbox Rating 250 HP
Cutting Gearbox Rating 225 HP
Gearbox Warranty 10-Years
Gearbox Oil Sight Gauge Standard
Cutting Capacity 3-inches
Top Deck Center Section 11-gauge
Bottom Deck Center Section 10-gauge
Deck, Wings 10-gauge
Axle Cushions Spring at each wheel
Blade Tip Speed @ 540 PTO @ 1000 PTO 15,625 FPM 15,936 FPM
Wing Adjustment Turnbuckles
Safety Tow Chain Standard
Highway Safety Lights Standard
Approximate Weight 7,200 lb.
Approximate Tongue Weight 2,700 lb.