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Bush Hog 1812

Bush Hog 1812 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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Bush Hog 1812 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



Performance Features
  • E-Z clean smooth decks are on the center and wings.
  • Wing “free float” without movement of wing hydraulic cylinder rod extends cylinder life.
  • Gearbox oil sight gauge allows the checking of the oil level in a few seconds.
  • PTO driveline holder is standard.
  • Wheel spindles are in halves for economy and ease of maintenance.
  • A single hydraulic hose is standard for lifting. Two hoses are optional for lifting wings independently of center section.


Construction Features
  • Center section cushions are at each axle arm to absorb shocks near the wheels.
  • Replaceable full length sideband skids give maximum protection and strength to the sideband.
  • Wheel hub cap retainers are standard to prevent loss of cap and hub grease.


Safety Features

  • Safety lights for highway travel are standard.

Product Features

  • Full Length Sideband Skids
  • Each axle arm on the center section has a rubber cushion to absorb the shock loads near the wheels. Shown with optional dual tires on the center.
  • Patented oil sight gauge in all three cutting gearboxes for quick and easy monitoring of oil levels.


Model 1812
Cutting Width:  12 ft.
Cutting Height: 2-inches to 12-inches
Hitch: Cast Clevis
Tongue Weight: 1,086 lbs.
Estimated Total Weight: 3,278 lbs.
Tractor h.p. Range@ PTO: 50 to 75
Side Band: 1/4 in. x 10 in.
Blades: 1/2 in. x 3 in. Hi-Uplift
Blade Holder: Oval Pan
PTO Drivelines: ASAE Cat 4
Center & Wing Drivelines: ASAE Cat 3
Wing Flex: 22° Down to 87° up
Wing Free Float: 22° down to 25° up
Splitter Gearbox Rating: 160 h.p.
Cutting Gearbox Rating: 65 h.p.
Gearbox Oil Sight Gauge: Standard
Gearbox Warranty: 5 Years
Blade Tip Speed @ 540 pto: 14,464 FPM Center/13,930 Wings
Cutting Capacity: 1 1/2 in.
Decks: 10 GA.
Axle Pivot Points: Bushings With Grease Fittings
Axle Cushions, Center Section: Rubber Bumper Near Each Wheel
Wing Adjustments: Turnbuckle
Safety Tow Chain: Standard
Highway Safety Lights: Standard