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Bush Hog DSP10

Bush Hog DSP10 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.

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Bush Hog DSP10 for sale at Kings River Tractor Inc.



Performance Features
  • Available in 8-feet and 10-feet widths.
  • Optional tilt axle removes material on an angle for sloping, terracing and ditching.
  • DSP scrapers are designed for 70 to 125 horsepower tractors
  • Replaceable wear plates on the sides.


Model DSP10
Horsepower Rating 70 to 125
Transport Width 121-inches
Working Width 120 3/16-inches
Capacity 2 1/4 cu. yds.
Weight without material in Weight Box  
Tilt Axle 1645-lb
No Tilt Axle 1525-lb
Weight of Material in Weight Box 760-lb
Depth of Box 39-inches
Maximum Cutting Depth 5-inches below grade
Dump Clearance 21-inches
Maximum Tilt Depth To the Right 7 5/8-inches
Maximum Tilt angle 3 1/2°
Tongue Construction 4-inches x 4-inches x 1/4-inch tubing
Side Plate Construction 3/8-inch x 24 5/16-inches high x 39 3/4inches deep
Moldboard Construction 1/4-inch x 24 1/4-inches high when formed
Cutting Edge 1/2-inch x 6-inches reversible & replaceable
Cutting Edge Reinforcement  3-inches x 3-inches x 5/16-inch angle plus a 1/4-inch mold board = 9/16-inch at the cutting edge.
Tires New 9.5l x 15 8 PLY RIB TL on Rim 5 with 5.5 BHC
Maximum Transport Speed 20 MPH
Lift Cylinder 3 1/2-inches x 8-inches ASAE
Tilt Cylinder 3 1/2-inches x 8-inches ASAE